The Optimizing C Compiler for the Jackal 3.0 ISA

jackcc is an optimizing C compiler which targets the Jackal 3.0 ISA. It is written in C, is fast, and produces pretty good code. I know for a fact it is the best compiler for Jackal ;) Additionally, this project has developed an assembler and simulator, jackas, for the Jackal 3.0 ISA. Although there are already assemblers and simulators for Jackal, jackas corrects many of their failings (replacing them with new ones ;). The Jackal 3.0 ISA is an academic instruction set used in the University of Virginia's ECE 436 Advanced Digital Design course. The Jackal 3.0 ISA is described here.

As I am graduating soon, the jackcc 1.3 release will be my last. If anyone is interested in taking over development, please me. I really hope that jackcc can be used for this class again in the future, and that other classes may begin to use it.

Nick Johnson

For downloads, go to the SourceForge summary page for jackcc.

You can view the distribution README file.